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PSS de-mystify each subject and teach you what you really need to know to become a competent and effective operative within the upper echelons of the security industry.

The PSS Team, have extensive experience both in operations and teaching at every level, making what you do simple to learn and accurate in practice and reality.


PSS provide you with an excellent basis of knowledge, that is current and realistic in its translation.

Funding is available upon request.

There is no charge to attend CPD and refresher courses once you have trained with us. We actively encourage learners to re attend courses to help develop advanced skill sets.

Once you have completed your training we will add you to our Private PSS Job Finder pages, where you can networks with those with the same standard of training and exchange job leads and work opportunities. 

Payment Plans may be arranged upon request.


Our VAT Reg Number 199 1028 84.


We often discount courses for veterans and unemployed veterans and support the charity

We support our “Military Veterans” and concessions on courses are available from time to time to assist people back into work.


We train you to become a competent security operative, with a view to guiding you through to becoming a specialist within the security industry with further more advanced trainings.

Operator (Basic) 16 + 21 Days

–                Level 3 Basic Close Protection

–                Level 4 Advanced Covert Surveillance and Intelligence Operations

–                Level 3 First Person on the Scene Support

Operator (Advanced) 16 Days

–                CCS Hostile Environments Protective Security Specialist

Operator (Specialist) 16 Days

–                CCS Infrastructure Resilience Testing and Security Measures Specialist

–                CCS Security and  Threat Coordination Specialist

Additional Courses

–                Level 4  Intelligence Operations Specialist

–                Level 3 Identifying and Mitigating the Effects of Terrorism

–                Level 3 Professional Investigations

–                Level 4 Commercial UAV Operations 

Email for the PSS Course Flyer 2024



From the 01 April 2022 those students who are training in Close Protection or renewing their Close Protection Licences will be required to  Up-Skill with the addition of a 3 day Physical Intervention Qualification.

PSS are happy to offer this for £300 including basic accommodation.


                  Education and training certificate, setting you up to teach.

–               Level 3 Education and Training Award




Some of the 1 - 16  day skills courses we deliver:


–                Tracking Device Application 

–                Practical Report Writing

–                Presenting Evidence

–                Photography and Image Editing

–                Close Target Recce

–                Covert Technical Kit and Placement

–                Undercover Operations and Covert Human Resource Handling



This is a bespoke course designed to prepare those who are likely to be confronted by the media or who have been designated as the media representative of an organisation or wish to be.

This a a one day course involving both offensive and defensive strategies and incorporates live interview practice.

The course can be tailored to apply to any scenario or industry.

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