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Matrimonial or family concerns, inheritance and disputes between partners/ex partners and business partners are all too common. We have a discreet solution for every occasion.

INFIDELITY  is synonyms include cheating, straying, adultery, being unfaithful, two-timing, or having an affair. These are a violation of a couple's emotional and/or sexual exclusivity that commonly results in feelings of anger, sexual jealousy, and rivalry. What constitutes infidelity depends on expectations within the relationship.

GAS LIGHTING  is an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control. Victims of gas lighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, often about themselves. They may end up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity. Over time, a gas lighter’s manipulations can grow more complex and potent, making it increasingly difficult for the victim to see the truth.

BUSINESS TORT & DECEIT the Tort & Deceit in business occurs when a misrepresentation is made with the express intention of defrauding a party, subsequently causing loss to that party.






Are you keen to find out the truth about your partner, and get the evidence you need or just want peace of mind?
We at PSS we are highly experienced at covertly discovering the truth through Advanced Covert Surveillance methods and Intelligence Gathering Investigations.

Q.  How do you know if your partner is cheating or you are being embroiled in a Gaslighting exercise?
A.  If you’re asking this question, you probably already suspect that you’re the victim of Infidelity or Gaslighting, or at the very least that something is amiss in your relationship.

The signs of cheating look different in every relationship, of course, but there are some common threads that you can look for.

First and foremost, I will tell you this:         If your gut feeling is that your partner is cheating, it may be so!

1. Altered Personal appearance.

If your partner suddenly starts exercising and eating healthier, that could be a sign that they are trying to appear more attractive to someone else (possibly you, but possibly another).

Sudden changes in style, unexplained purchases, new underwear, perfume smells, especially if your partner looks the same around you, but significantly better for work or certain social events to which you are not invited.


2. Secretive phone or computer use.

Cheaters tend to use their phones and computers more guardedly as if their lives may depend on it.

If your partner’s phone and laptop never required a password before, and now they do, that’s not a good sign.

If your partner suddenly starts deleting texts and clearing their browser history on a daily basis, that’s not a good sign either.

If your partner never is out of possession of their phone, even taking it into the bathroom when they shower, that may not a good sign.

If you ask to look at your partner’s phone, and they say no, or it creates a tense situation, then that is a problem. Honestly, what could possibly be on there — other than information about your surprise birthday — that they would want to keep secret?


3. Periods where your significant other is unreachable.

If your partner is cheating on you, they maybe less likely to answer your calls and respond to your texts.

You may be given legitimate-sounding excuses like they were in a meeting, they were driving, they were in a “dead zone” and didn’t know you were trying to get in touch.

If your partner is unreachable while working late or on a business trip, that’s a bad sign too.


4. Significantly less, or more, or different sex in your relationship.

Both decreased and increased levels of sexual activity in your relationship could be a sign of cheating.

Less sex could because your partner is focused on someone else; more sex could occur because they are trying to cover it up.

Another  sign of cheating could be that the sex you and your partner are having doesn't feel so emotionally connected.

If your partner is introducing new sexual techniques and activities into your sex life or starts kissing or holding you differently, then this could also be a sign.  As much as you might enjoy these new things, it is possible that they are experiencing new things outside of your relationship.


5. Your partner is hostile toward you and your relationship.

Cheaters tend to rationalise their behaviour (in their own minds). One way they do this is to push the blame onto you. (Narcescism).

They tell themselves that you don’t look the way you did when they first started seeing you, or you are not adventurous enough for them in the bedroom, or that you don’t appreciate all the wonderful things they do for you, so they deserve to have a little fun elsewhere.


Often, their internal justifications for cheating can leak out into reality, and they can behave judgmentally toward you and your relationship.

If it suddenly seems like nothing you can do is right, or that things that used to not bother your partner and now they suddenly do, or you feel  as if you’re getting pushed away, that could be a strong indication of cheating.


6. An altered schedule.

When your partner ,who never once worked late,  suddenly needs to work late, and it starts to happen more and more frequently, they may be trying to deceive you.

If your spouse has never been away on a business trip and suddenly finds a need to travel for work or takes up a new hobby such as golf or fishing, that could be a sign that they are having weekend getaways with someone else.

Flat tires, dead batteries, traffic jams, spending extra time at the gym, the gold course, and similar excuses for being late or absent altogether might also signal cheating and infidelity.

A cheating partner might also suddenly be forgetful about picking up the kids, birthdays and other important events, etc.


7. Friends seem uncomfortable around you.

With cheating and infidelity, you are nearly always the last person to find out. The cheater’s friends often know about the infidelity right from the start, and your own friends are  most likely to find out long before you do.

When your friends know and you do not, this typically, causes them to feel uncomfortable around you.

The cheater’s friends may try to avoid you or to become super nice to you all of a sudden. Your very own friends may try to avoid certain conversations, and they may too overcompensate by being extra nice.


8. Unexplained expenses.

If there are odd charges on your partner’s credit cards, or there is suddenly less money in your or your partner’s bank accounts, pension or investment accounts, then that could also be a possible sign of cheating and infidelity.

If you ask your partner about their expenses, and their give flakey answers, then it’s likely that they are being untruthful.

Cheating and infidelity costs money in gifts, trips, wine, dining, hotel rooms, etc.

The cost of cheating can add up extremely quickly and often runs away with itself.

If you see large cash withdrawals or evidence of purchases from places that you rarely or never frequent, then that is definitely not a good sign.


9. Emotional intimacy has faded.

After a few years, every relation ship cools and solidifies as each partner understands how the other works and what each truly appreciates and needs in the relationship.

This said, couples tend to bond and attach to each other over time, learning to trust one another with each others secrets, our desires, and other important aspects of their lives. 


So, if your partner suddenly seems less emotional and intimate with you and does not seem to want you to be as  emotional and intimate with you, then that would be a strong indication that their focus has shifted. Probably towards another.


10. When you ask about cheating, your partner deflects and avoids.

If your partner is cheating on you, then the absolute last thing that they want to do, is talk about it with you. So, if you do hint or introduce this into conversation, they may well try to deflect and avoid speaking or answering you. More likely they will try and turn it on you.

In short, your partner will probably do everything in conversation to lead you into another topic, or they will shift the blame for what you are thinking and feeling towards you! (Narcissism) 

If you have confronted your partner about cheating and infidelity and you have been rebuffed, with an answer such as, “If you trusted me, maybe things would be easier between us,” you must not let that statement take away your gut feeling that something is not right in your relationship. Nor should you automatically accept their protestations that you are the one at fault.

As earlier stated, when your gut tells you that someone is cheating on you, it is probably right.


PLEASE NOTE:  Your partner could possibly display all 10 of these signs and still not be cheating. But you will still need to know for sure.

These indicators show that something is wrong in life and specifically your relationship. It might not be cheating, but  certainly something that you must talk about.

At the same time, they may not be exhibiting any of these signs but still be cheating


Stay calm and speak to a close friend or colleague.

Do not let on that you suspect something.

Collect as much evidence "covertly" as you can as this may well have legal implications in the future and you need good evidence to build a strong case against them if they are cheating and creating infidelity.

Prepare yourself for the truth, whether it be that they are or are not cheating on you. Only a professional investigation will prove or disprove your fears.


We can speak with you at no cost for 30 minutes and speak in confidence about your concerns and advise you on a way forward with the use of our services and which other agencies to tie in with.

We can look at their lifestyle patterns and behavioural traits and advise you accordingly.

We have the ability to covertly follow the cheater and monitor and record their indiscretions and activities.

It may be possible to track their vehicle movements. 

We can discuss the legalities of other approaches and help you find a "legal" solution to add weight to your case.

PSS and more specifically its founder have been active in this area for nearly 25 years and has advised and led investigations at every level.

There is always a solution to a problem that is affordable.

Email and book your call now!

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