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Training Course Reviews

The following reviews are from students who have completed various courses with us.



What a team, with Rob the training is sensational just completed the surveillance training and I am going back for the CP training.

Highly recommend ,this is not just a classroom exercise company like some with excellent guidance from top to bottom , cannot wait to get back to it


I have just finished my covert surveillance and close protection level 3 courses in fact im on my way home an leaving there is depressing the courses an the structure to them are 2nd to none the combined knowledge between jonnie rob paul and mandy are just mind boggling so be prepared to not only just get an industry standard training but something that goes far beyond that you will learn all you need to know about the industry an even more so about yourself if you leave there the same person then you didn't do it right

100% choose Paradigm Security Solutions (PSS) you will not regret it i promise


Completed my CP course. The knowledge and standards of training is excellent. Great venue. I'm definitely going back. First Aid instructor had great enthusiasm, again his years in the special forces shows in his knowledge and experience. Very well respected in the industry.


JUST like to say a big thank you to Rob and his team for the CP course that I have just finished big eye opener Rob is always there to explain and give you guidance every step of the way well worth doing


Completed my CP course. The knowledge and standards of training is excellent. Great venue. I'm defiantly going back. First Aid instructor had great enthusiasm, again his years in the special forces shows in his knowledge and experience. Very well respected in the industry.


After leaving the army I suffered quite bad with PTSD didn’t really know who to turn to not knowing who to ask for help just going through life in a bubble Lost so many jobs cause I struggled so much last year I became homeless and couldn’t even manage to get any food it was a really tough time I didn’t even know whether there was a way out until I found paradigm. Have given me everything I could ever ask for and gave me strength to keep moving forward there more than just a training company there the best by far in the UK without doubt they are the family I’ve always strive to need and wanted.


They’ve gave me more life skills and determination and confidence I feel strong on my own 2 feet now I’ve completed my first part of the course now literally cannot wait to do the next part and the courses to come PSS Is my family and I would give anything for them That’s a complete understatement I would extremely recommend anybody to do the courses that they hold, thank you for giving me everything that I now hold very dear to my heart Jonny Rob Paul and Mandy you are amazing


Very professionally team , thank you and see you again !


What a amazing experience. I love the place so much I think I will call this my second home. not just training you become a family. thanks guys so glad I wasn't brain washed to go else where or I would not be the new person I am. no one likes the sad story but I'm in a different frame of mind I struggled with PTSD and the family at PSS are black belts in changing how you think and how to be under new management in your self can't thank you enough. and Paul stop asking me for chocolates


Let me take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am to be trained by you, and the knowledge I gained from PSS alots of training alots of certification that helped me to have a security manager position in the most prestigious hotel in London (The Mandrake Hotel) thank you so much again for all the support and your references helped me alots. And I'm down again for any new courses that you provide.

Thank to Rob Paxman..


PSS have a reputation for training that is unrivalled, the instructors are some of the finest, most experienced operators you will ever meet and deliver their courses in a professional , exciting and enjoyable manner.

I myself have completed almost all of the courses available and have learnt so many new skills both academically and personally. I am now working regularly ,earning good money thanks to the education I received from Rob. I can't recommend these guys highly enough and feel very much a part of the PSS brotherhood.


Highly recommend PSS! Just completed the close protection course. These guys are highly experienced and very knowledgeable.


Fantastic company to train with very informative staff very knowledgeable and help you along the way would definitely recommend them to anyone


Cracking course, the course goes well beond the normal teaching parameters of other courses to ensure you understand what you have been taught.


Superb training. I recently completed a PSS course and the content/ training was excellent from start to finish. The operational industry knowledge the instructors have is second to none, and will set you apart from other operators trained by other organisations if you work hard on PSS courses. I'll definitely be back for more training!!

And the training is government loan funded-a no brainer!


I would personally recommend PSS, the courses are well structured, all instructors are approachable, supportive, knowledgable and highly experienced in the industry.

I will definitely be doing further courses in the future.


I started my training with PSS around a month ago. Best thing I did. The tutors are a great bunch of guys who will get you where you need to be.. and even further beyond that. I went with the intention of gaining one qualification & skill and have come away with several, and I’m not even finished (can’t wait to go back). I did my research before starting and no other provider offers this level of training (not to mention the aftercare and support from PSS). I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re looking to train in this field, this course is definitely the way to go.


Highly recommend pss, Very experienced tutor, professional and ensures all training is nailed before moving on to the next part.


Great trainers and real life training in the field, best thing I've ever done


Currently nearing the end of the surveillance course and will then be onto the CP. Have to say that this is already the best training company I've ever seen by a long shot! They go the extra mile to make sure that you not only pass the course, but that when you pass, you actually have the skills and drills to go into the job. Couldn't recommend them more


Completed full course ‘package1’ amazing content, deliverance and experiences gained. Pss have a great family network to get into the industry if you’re on the fence about taking the course then I’d certainly say choose PSS


I've been on many training courses within the security industry over the years and this has to be the best training I've had. learnt so much of what I thought I already knew and so much more I didn't

Thanks Rob.


I did my training with these guys. must say they are very good.

and the after course support and feeling of being part of a family and support given is second to none.

Great guys. Great training.

proud to be part of their fraternity.

Best training I have ever done!


I did the CP training package with PSS back in 2016. It was a complete career change for me and a leap of faith to an extent but I can say, hand on heart, that it was the best business decision I’ve ever taken. I’ve been in work constantly ever since (in fact I was on a surveillance task within 48 hours of finishing the course long before my license even arrived!) I have subsequently worked with several royal families and heads of state as well as multiple UHNW clients and I now find myself on a permanent, full time position in an exclusive part of London.

Rob has always been in the background for advice when required and I can only thank him and the team for what has been a complete game changer for me!

If you are reading this and toying with the idea, my suggestion would be get on the course, you won’t regret it!!

I’m more than happy to take any calls/messages with questions too....

Good luck!!

Just do it, you know you want to.....


I first came to Paradigm Training Solutions six years ago, truly on my last legs. I had bailiffs banging on my door for unpaid debts, on the brink of being made homeless as well as being out of work. Even had to go to the Royal British Legion cap in hand for a food handout.

Literally turned up on the course with a RBL food parcel for two weeks.

The CP course re-engaged me, made me focus again and I was soon back into work. I even went back to Paradigm to do the Surveillance course that really edged things up for me. I never went down the CP route on a permit at basis I chose to be a dog handler in the industry but with the skills and drills learnt through PSS deffo got me some great assignments protecting movie stars at Warner Brothers and looking after the F1 Red Bull Team for two and a half years. I stayed with the same company for four and a half years progressing to area supervisor and never been out of work since.

Work was so good I decided to go self employed and today able to be turning work away. I’ve just completed Paradigm Training Solutions Hostile Environment Protection Specialist Course with Business Admin and on the day before completing my course, a company now wants to talk to me about becoming their Operations Manager. To this day I’m still very humbled and thankful to Rob perhaps they saved my life six years ago. Thanks guys


Very approachable, knowledgeable instructors with a wealth of practical hands on experience. If you want a CP or HECPO course DON'T SETTLE FOR 2ND BEST contact Rob and the team at Paradigm


Excellent training provided. A both brilliant and helpful team will ensure you get the most out of your training.


these guys are absolutely brilliant! couldn't recommend them enough, you get treated like family! can't wait to join you guying in January!


100 % I would recommend paradigm secured solutions, a training package second to none, with a training team you can't put a price ,learning from the best of the best the qualifications speak for themselves

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