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The Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations will aid the development of strong analytical and presentation skills which are required for work in Intelligence Operations, which involves

comprehensively collecting and collating data from a wide range of sources in order to provide detailed assessments.

We have been running this course for several years now, and it has been well designed for both the newcomer to the surveillance disciplines, as well as the seasoned operative, who wishes to further their skill set.

The course covers all aspects of surveillance and allows the individual to progress in a structured manner and covers the following important areas :


  • Legislation

  • The Law

  • Roles, Responsibilities and Management Principles

  • Advanced Surveillance Theory

  • Advanced Vehicle and Foot Follows, Area Search and Loss Procedures

  • Use and Management of Personnel and Assets

  • OPs and Observation Platforms

  • Urban and Rural Surveillance Management

  • Advanced Technical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Equipment

  • Legends and Cover Stories

  • Management of Anti and Counter Surveillance Drills

  • Advanced Threat and Risk Assessment

  • Risk Management

  • Surveillance Awareness

  • The Management of Intelligence Gathering and Appreciation

  • Surveillance Report Writing

  • Advanced Operational Planning and Briefing

  • Real Time Surveillance Exercises in a Multitude of Environments


Individual Requirements and Personal Development

All our highly experience instructors teach in an inclusive manner and are flexible to the needs of the learner.

Students will be taught the relevant knowledge and skills during the course to be able to pass both the practical and theory tests required. Students will be vetted prior to the course and will be required to apply themselves during the course as we only wish to pass those that have the ability to work in the industry.

Students should have a knowledge of the English language and have some basic computer skills. Please let us know before the course should you have any challenges or special requirements.

This is an academic course and there is a requirement to write reports.


Course Duration

The course duration is 16 days intensive learning. It is possible to break the course into segments for those that cannot commit to a full 16 days.

During the course the student will be required to complete an individual work book portfolio, undertake assessments and compile written reports and video evidence for the portfolio. The final exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.


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