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Our Specialist Services

Welcome to PSS, where your personal and business security is our only priority.


In an ever-changing world, you need a security specialist to advise you on being both proactive in future proofing your personal and business security, as well as giving you the ability to solve distressing and complex problems.


The PSS Team provides you with dynamic strategies that ensure you find the right solution for you and allows you to focus on the important positives in life..


Our extensive experience will  help you develop a solution to your problem utilising a vast range of Special Forces skills and disciplines, many of which are not yet available in the public domain.


From Specialist Investigations and Intelligence Gathering through to assisting you set up a new  business in a Hostile Environment, we cover it all and everything in between.

Our specialist team can advise you on all of your security requirements.

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Specialist Investigations

Matrimonial, Theft, Fraud, Criminal, Process Serving


Assisting you to discover the truth using our Specialist Investigative Services.


Using our Special Forces tried and tested approaches, we covertly dive deep into every case, employing state-of-the-art techniques and give you an unparalleled wealth of experience, to unearth critical information and gather evidence that empowers you to make the correct informed decision.

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Asset Protection

Valuable Cargo Protection, Valued Assets, Gap Year  Security Awareness


Protect your investments with our comprehensive asset protection services. We strategically plan, employ proactive measures and advanced security strategies to safeguard your loved ones, business and assets, identifying the threats, mitigating risks and ensuring the safety and longevity of your endeavours.

If you deem your teenagers to be Valuable Assets, why not have us teach them the Basic Principles of Security and Situational Awareness before the head off on their Gap Year adventures?

Fingerprint Access
Resilience Testing

Testing your existing security

Identify the potential threats to your home, premises and business with our Penetration Testing services.


Our highly trained and skilled professionals assess and test, your existing physical security measures, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations and training that will enhance your overall security posture.


Making sure the “stable door is locked before the horse can bolt”.

Introduction of a spy into competitor staff. Insert surveillance, informant. Spies and cor

Covert Surveillance

Discover the Truth, Evidential


Our discreet, covert and professional surveillance teams excel in gathering you invaluable intelligence whilst remaining undetected.  


Whether you're dealing with corporate, business concerns or delicate personal matters, our covert surveillance services guarantee confidentiality and accuracy for evidential purposes, giving you the upper hand in any situation.

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Residential Security

Securing Home and Office


Securing your sanctuary. Our Residential Security Services are tailored to create a secure environment for you and your loved ones. From Advanced Alarm Systems to highly trained security operatives, we provide you an holistic approach to Residential Security, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your “all” is correctly protected.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Security Audits

Comprehensive Reviews


Gain a valuable insight into your security infrastructure with our Comprehensive Security Audits.


Thorough assessments of your Existing Security and Security Protocols, identifying strengths and weaknesses, our detailed reports empower you to make strategic security enhancements, ensuring robust protection for your assets and personnel.


Close Protection/Bodyguard

Threats to Life, Status, Embarrassment


Secure “wherever you go” with our Low Profile “Bodyguard” Close Protection Service.


Our highly trained, vigilant, and situationally aware security operatives are dedicated to your safety, able to provide you with round-the-clock protection, tailored to your specific requirements. With us, you can confidently navigate any environment, knowing you are in capable hands.

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Hostile Environments

Unstable Regions, War Zones


Navigate challenging and potentially life-threatening environments with confidence.


Our experts are highly skilled in providing the necessary security solutions for Hostile Environments, offering Risk Assessments, Planning, Crisis Avoidance Management, and Transportation/Journey Management services.


PSS thrives on ensuring your safety in the most demanding and hostile of situations.

Due Diligence concept. Stack of documents and magnifying glass..jpg

Due Diligence

Checking the facts


Whether you're entering a new relationship, business partnership or considering a significant investment, our experts conduct meticulous research and analysis, providing you with comprehensive reports, enabling you to assess the risks and make sound choices.



Specialist Training

Registered and Bespoke Courses


PSS redefine the standards of security delivery and provide excellence and reliability.


Your safety is our only concern, and your peace of mind is our commitment.


Engage with us today and experience security solutions that are truly beyond the ordinary.

Our course include:

Advanced Covert Surveillance

Close Protection

Hostile Environments Protective Security

Hostile Environments Awareness Training

Gap Year Students and Travellers Security Awareness Training

Medicine in Remote Areas

First Person on the Scene

Firearms Training

Infrastructure Resilience Testing (Pen Testing)

Covert Operations and Undercover Agent Handling

Paradigm Therapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainers Training

Coaching and Presenting Courses

Life Coaching and Mentoring 

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