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Course Content

This a 16 day Skills For Justice (SFJ) accredited course and is an extension of our SIA accredited 16 day Close Protection course. The course is aimed at those wishing to advance themselves within the security industry.

This course is perfect for those wishing to work in hostile environments and will prepare candidates and advance their knowledge in preparation for a management role. Employers generally run their own “in country or pre deployment” induction packages. This is the perfect course to learn the Low Profile and High Profile skills and drills expected of you and will teach you the important aspects of managing projects in Hostile Environments.

For those wishing to gain a Level 3 qualification for their SIA licence will be required to attend our Level 3 Close Protection course. For those that already hold their L3 Close PRotection certification you may be required to attend our  L3 Close Protection course at no cost to your self as we do not recognise certain providers as being credible training organisations.


Our Hostile Environments Protective Security Specialist course covers the following important areas:

  • Security Industry Authority Legislation

  • The Law/ International Law

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Close Protection Interpersonal Skills

  • Threat and Risk Assessment

  • Risk Management

  • Security Awareness

  • Security Report Writing and Security Audits


  • Weapons Handling and Contact Drills

  • Operational Planning and Briefing

  • Surveillance Appreciation, Planning, Briefing and Implementation.

  • Conflict Management, De-Escalation and Physical Intervention

  • Search Techniques, Venue, Vehicle and Individual

  • Vehicle and Body Protection Drills and Formations

  • Real Time Close Protection and Surveillance Exercises

  • Project management

  • Leadership and Management

Additional Course Subjects Include:

  • Weapon Safety and Familiarisation

  • Vehicle Anti Ambush Drills

  • Movement and Cover

  • Individual Weapon Drills

  • VIP Team Weapon Drills

  • Counter Attack Team Drills

  • Defensive Positions

  • Tactical Movement

  • Close Quarter Battle Drills

  • Emergency First and First Aid Scenarios

  • 9 Line Evacuation Scenarios

  • Effective Self Defence Techniques

  • Report Writing


Individual Requirements and Personal Development

All applicants will be assessed prior to the course for suitability based on past history, fitness and relative abilities.

All our highly experience instructors teach in an inclusive manner and are flexible to the individual needs of the learner.

Students will be taught the relevant knowledge and skills during the course to be able to pass both the practical and theory tests required by IQ and the SIA and be able to demonstrate the relevant competencies of a manager. Students will be vetted prior to the course and will be required to apply themselves during the course as we only wish to pass those that have the ability to work in the industry.

Students are required to take a basic Literacy and Numeracy test and have some basic computer skills. This course will teach you Report Writing and Threat Assessments.

Please let us know before the course should you have any challenges or special requirements.

Criminal records may have a bearing on SIA licensing post course. Please enquire before undertaking qualifications.


Course Duration

The course duration is 16 days CP + 16 days HEPSS intensive learning. It may be possible to break the course into segments for those that cannot commit to a full 32 days.

During the course the student will be required to complete an individual work book, undertake assessments and compile written reports and video evidence for the portfolio. A final exam will consist of multiple choice questions and written examination.

We reserve the right to fail students that are not suitable for the industry due to poor attitude or lack of personal application to the course.

Exam resits will incur additional costs.

Those that have already achieved a Close Protection qualification will be required to attend our 16 day Close Protection course to be eligible to attend the HEPSS aspect of our training. (The. additional CP training will not include an additional cost)

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